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Hi, I'm Tim Hårek Andreassen, a technologist from the west-coast of Norway that likes to write about my learnings, design, programming, logging, note-taking and so on… I care about creating solutions that respects people's privacy, security and user experience.

I work as a software engineer at Value Technology, where I dabble with full stack development, architecture, accessibility and UX design.

During my my free time I learn about new technologies, write the occocional blogpost, automate my everyday, 3D-print something I (definitely) need and hike with my dog! 🐕

Check out my now-page for what I'm up to now, or my more-page to check out more stuff on my website.


You can always reach me at

More details can be found under connect.


This website is built using Deno and Fresh by yours truly. It's hosted on a 1984 Hosting VPS.

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Source code is available on SourceHut.