My name is Tim Hårek Andreassen. I’m a developer, designer, hiker and dog-person from the west coast of Norway. I care about creating solutions that respects people, in terms of privacy, security and user experience.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Informatics specializing in Computer Security from the University of Bergen. Presently I’m working as a technologist at Netlife Design, and I’m also an IT manager for an offshore-service company, Vest Kontakt.

I spend my free time learning about new technologies, automating my everyday and going hiking with my dog, Ayla! 🐕


You can always reach me at tim@harek.dev (public key).

My projects

I usually host my project at GitHub or Datatukler.no.

My website

I self-host my website using 1984Hosting. The website is built using Zola with Vim.

Source code is available on GitHub.