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July 2022

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Goals from last month

What I've been up to


There was a new addition to my homelab in July, a 3D printer! I came across some YouTube videos and watched a lot of them, realized that this is something I could use, so I checked online here in Norway if any retailer sells the models that they recommend for beginners - and well, they do! I ended up buying the Creality Ender 3 S1 V1. I've made a few prints with it, it takes time and has taken some time adjusting the settings so that it does everything correctly all the time. My first creation was a mop-holder for our mop, I used my calipers and measured everything to their exact dimensions and downloaded FreeCAD. I'd never used FreeCAD before, but I had taken a course in AutoCAD LT back in 2013 - so I thought I could handle it. And to my surprise I did, but nothing advance, I'm still trying to figure everything out and finding out how I can save as much time as possible with my designs. Hopefully in August's post I'll have some files to share, until then you can check out my custom-designed mop-holder!

My mop hanging in the closet. Photo
My first custom 3D design, a mop holder.

However, I've been struggling a bit with the printer as well. The UI is not the best and the instructions that came included was missing some stuff. You see, there is a function on the printer that's called "LEVEL" which is for "Auto Bed Leveling". What the instructions don't tell you is that you need to do a whole lot of manual adjustment before you can do this so-called "auto" thingy. Took me awhile to figure that one out.

Software / Development

I suddenly had a desire to rewrite my .vimrc into Lua since I'm using Neovim full time now. It was a lot more manageable than I thought, and the result was that I needed to replace a few plugins but nothing major. It was a fun learning experience.

I came across a blogpost about Makefile's. I always been scared to try to use them, but this blogpost made me realize that they can be super useful! How to create a self-documenting Makefile taught me how to use Makefile's in a simple manner, and now I updated my dotfiles-repo to use a Makefile instead of relying on many different shellscripts.

restic is something I've been looking at as a backup-alternative for my servers instead of relying on rsync. I need to run more dry-runs and test to make sure everything will go smoothly.


Zola v0.16.0 came out! My site now supports backlinks! I'm looking forward to seeing Zola evolve more in the future.

And I guess I'm never going to be finished with my website, there is always something to tinker with and improve. I came across someone called Luke Harris, I was intrigued by their blogposts and site. I noticed they had a little page in the footer called stats. I read the blogpost about it and was inspired to create one myself, as you may have noticed, unless you're reading from an RSS-reader, I also have my own dedicated stats-page now. It's not as sophisticated as Luke's, but I like how it turned out.

Also, I added a work-page. Not quite done with it yet, but at least now it exists on my website. It features most of my projects and even has a simple filter with search-parameters.

All of my logs, and by all I mean two is now moved from inside the content-folder in Zola to the static-folder inside an api-folder, so now I can query my own logs from anywhere! You can for example see my endpoint for my watched TV-shows here.

My CV now uses the JSON Resume schema, I extended it a tiny bit to allow for logos and when it was last updated. There shouldn't been any noticeable difference on my CV-page

What's next?

My vacation is coming up so I don't have anything planned, I might blog a bit about my new 3D printer and my newbie experiences with it.

I'm not setting any goals this time,

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