Still trying to keep this a monthly thing, like last month (Recently May 2022).

# Goals from last month

  • Read at least 1 new book: Well, I guess I haven’t gotten around to finishing a book, but I’m currently reading Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro.
  • Write at least 1 new post: Vipps should allow usernames.
  • Push all my existing repos to I pushed all repos I deemed apporiate.

# What I’ve been up to?

Discovered a new app, Bike, outliner app. I’ve used it to write down quick notes for the blog and I also used it for some meetings notes. I really enjoy writing notes with bullets, it helps me keep everything neat!

I finally managed to acquire, which I’ve tried to buy for 5-6 years. I e-mailed the previous owner multiple times, but never got a response. I put the myself on the watchlist for the domain one day and the following hour I got a response that the domain would most likely be available the following week, so I “pre-ordered” it and I eventually got it!

Every once and now I need to share my screen during meetings, virtually and in meeting rooms. And it’s important to turn of all notifications when you are going to do so. But it’s so cumbersome to go up to the top-right corner and enable Do-not-disturb. So I thought I could create a script that does it, and to my surprise I could just use the Shortcuts-app on macOS to do it, because it also has a CLI-app that can run all your shortcuts. So now I use this to turn on my Do-not-disturb:

shortcuts run dnd-on

I got my blogpost, Vipps should allow usernames, published in a Norwegian tech/developer-site Kode24. The company/app I criticized even responded. Not sure I’m so happy with their response, but I got positive feedback from my initial post. And I think even more people are aware of it now. Thanks to Mathias for suggesting that I send it to Kode24!

Also Internet Explorer has officially been announced dead.

# Homelab

A few months ago I invested in a server-cabinet to keep my home office neat, and I recently discovered that my Nextcloud was a bit slow. When I ran a speedtest on it it was capped at 93.53 Mbps, which I thought was odd. I put the ethernet cable in another slot, but it was still capped. I decided to just try and swap the cable, and it fixed it. Apparently I had a bad CAT6 cable, I didn’t know it could become capped like it did.

I bought IKEA smart blinders for my bedroom and paired it to Home Assistant. I’m always surprised how simple it is to set everything up, I really like having everything under my control!

Not so much my homelab, but I managed to buy a Steam Deck! And it’s amazing, it performs excellent, the Linux experience on it is solid and it worked with my Thunderbolt 3 dock without any configuration. I might have to write a review for this thing, because it’s amazing!

# Deno

I’ve created two simple CLI tools with Deno, one for using OMDb API and one for Website Carbon’s API. You can check them out here, deno-omdb and wcarbon. And to get those CLI tools working nicely I also created a Deno module, deno-cli-help.

Zola is close to its 0.16.0 release that would introduce backlinks! So that one can see how pages link to one-another, I’ve been testing it and started implementing support for it on my site. I’ve prepared all my links to work with this new feature. I realized that all my internal links in my template-directory was hardcoded, so I cleaned those up! Looking forward to this release!

# What’s next?

Because of this month’s success, I guess it couldn’t hurt to set some new goals for July.

  • Read at least 1 new book.
  • Write at least 1 new post. I have a few in my backlog.