# ✍️ Blog

I’ve been a bit more busy this last month, or at least I think I have. When I think about it now I realize that I have updated my website quite a bit since last month. I did however manage to sneak in a blogpost on Black Friday: I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday.

# 🌐 Website

When I do a git log --since "Oct 31 2022" --until "Dec 2 2022" I see that I have done quite a bit, 59 commits, mostly small things, but I have also done some changes.

  • I moved all my stuff from my Work-page to my cv.json that I use for my CV that is based on JSONResume-schema.
  • I added a CSS-rule for external links.
  • Updated my Uses-page with new tools.
  • Added a new page Timeline, which is a culmination of all my logs.
  • Moved the build of my website from self-provisoned Git-hooks to SourceHut.

# 🎮 Gaming

Like I mentioned last month I was excited for God of War: Ragnarök. And yes, it was simply amazing. I really liked their take on the Norse stories, there’s a lot of similarities and quite a few places where they’ve changed some stuff. I loved it!

# 💪 Health

Not keeping up the frequency as much as I wanted, but I did sign up for one half-marathon, that I finished today, and six others next year. So I’m looking forward to keeping up with the running and (hopefully) getting better results after each one!

# 👨‍💻 Development

# Deno

I finally got to try out Deno Fresh and I’m impressed! I ported over my blogposts and it kinda just worked. Initially I used the wrong parser for the TOML-frontmatter and it took me longer than I like to admit to realize I was using a deprecated parser from Deno’s Standard Library.

I also started working on a CLI for Migadu written with Deno and Cliffy, hopefully I’m able to finish it this month.

# At work

At work this month I started working on two different projects that involves a lot of API-integrations and I’m learning so much! We’re creating our own clients that interacts with different API’s and we’re using different API’s to integrates with systems from the 90s. It’s exciting!

# 🎬 Entertainment

# TV

Didn’t finish any shows this month, but we started watching Black Bird on Apple TV+ and I’m impressed so far into two episodes.

# Movies

  • Barbarian — Wow, finally a horror movie that actually delivers! I felt like I was constantly surprised at every turn, it wasn’t super scary, it was smart!
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever — Disspointed. Namor was cool, but the story didn’t really work.
  • Krigsseileren (War Sailor) — Sad and devastating movie. It was difficult to watch, especially since it’s so close to home. Some of the movie is based in the town where I live during World War 2.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special — Meh, it had some cool details, and I felt like I had to watch it.