Trying out a new layout for these, please bear with me.

# 🌳 Life

I missed August’s post because I went on vacation. We went to visit family in Thailand for a couple of weeks. It was great being able to just relax and do nothing.

# 🖨 3D-printing

I’ve been hard at work learning more about my 3D-printer. I printed a bunch of spool-holders for all my filament, which is mounted nicely on a IKEA Skådis pegboard besides the printer.

Photo of my 3D-printed spool-holders.
My new spool-holders.

I also bought a glass plate to replace the metal bed to get better prints. Why is this so much fun?

# 🎮 Gaming

While on vacation I brought my Steam Deck, which was just amazing. Almost all of my Steam-library on such a small handheld device. I played a bunch of Disco Elysium, but a game that really stood out was Return of Obra Dinn, it was so much fun! I felt like a true detective, and it performed excellent on my Deck! Highly recommend!

# 💪 Health

I went back to my Apple Watch when I got back from vacation, after not using it since January. I hadn’t been exercising as much as I wanted to and thought maybe I could motivate myself more again. This time I turned of all notifications except calls and SMS. So far it has worked out great, I’ve been more active. And I bought the new Apple Watch Ultra, which has been great in terms of battery-life and performance. I really like the new action button, it’s so convenient!

# 📚 Reading

Currently reading The Phoenix Project, it was recommended by a colleague. I’ve read half of it by now and I really like it, everything that can go wrong goes wrong! I think I’m learning a few new things as well while reading it. Might do a proper review of the book when I finish, we’ll see!

# 🌐 Interwebs

I deleted my last social media account, on a Mastodon instance. I joined February last year. It was fun in the beginning, but it eventually become to much and didn’t bring any joy anymore. Started to get frustrated every time I logged in just to check what people had been up to. So I just deleted the thing, no more feeling the urge to check-in.