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2022 Year in review

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This was the first year where I felt I have actually blogged properly, and think it has to do with me not going to university anymore, instead I worked full-time for the whole year. And looking at my stats, I managed to write 25 posts this year vs. 11 last year. And that makes me happy, I've always wanted to write more and now I have!

So what did I write about in 2022? From the archives, it looks like a lot of different topics! Something that I managed to keep on writing about was what I had been up to recently. It's been a great motivation for writing more and actually using my notes for something useful.

I've written about a bunch of different topics ranging from howto's/tutorials to privacy to random things I've done etc. It was a good year for when it comes to writing, I managed to get a lot out of my head. And I wrote some posts that I'm proud of for just writing down and sharing with the world, one got featured on the frontpage of Hacker News and another on (Norwegian tech-site). It gives me motivation and inspiration to continue writing and also reading more blogs!

I deleted my last social media in 2022, I only had an Mastodon-account left since I already deleted my "mainstream" social media in 2021. And I've felt great afterwards, not regretting it and feeling I'm better for it. Not saying I'm better than anyone else that uses social media, only that it was like a burden that was lifted off my shoulders.

And in 2022 I realized that people actually read what I write about! I've gotten multiple replies from people regarding my howto's and thoughtful e-mails telling me how something has helped them ☺️

Also looking back at my professional career in 2022 I feel like I've accomplished a lot. I've had a tech-lead role in multiple projects, launched brand new websites, attended and held workshops. And a colleague and I even held a presentation at my previous university.

Looking forward to 2023, keeping up my writing as well as learning new things! I want to try the 100 Days To Offload-challenge and see what I manage to write about.

See you in the next post!

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