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August 2023

2 minutes read

This month was been a big one! I did a complete rewrite of my website of my website using Deno and Fresh. I also started in a new job, at Value Group. And to top it all, I became a dad! So yeah, this month has been quite something.

💪 Health

I managed to keep up running and going to the gym until our newborn came. I had to skip a half-marathon this month because it was just a few days after. So it's been two weeks now, and I will eventually return to it, but there are other things that are my priority now.


This month I finally did it, what every blogger and developer dreads and loves: I rewrote my website using a different technology! This is the second time ever since I started this particular blog. I started with Jekyll, then ported that website to Zola and did a complete rewrite using Deno and Fresh this month. Or, I started work on the project a while back with no intention of actually switching, but I saw how much fun it was to do everything from scratch that I just redid the whole thing. And I also had some free-time inbetween when the newborn and my SO was asleep.

📚 Reading

I've been reading a bunch of blogposts lately, and I think I should start to summaries them here (eventually), and I also managed to read a new comicbook and continue reading "How the world really works", by Vaclav Smil.

  • Wolverine: Black, white & blood - An OK read. I thought the comicbook was going to be chronological, but it was a bunch of different ones.

🎬 Entertainment


The new Star Wars show Ashoka started last week. I think it has been great for the first three episodes. I also started to watch Platonic, it's fine, not great nor bad.


  • Kopps - A great old Swedish slapstick cop-movie!
  • Tetris - This one was really great! I thought the trailer look cool, but I didn't expect the movie to be so entertaining.