# ✍️ Blogging

I started the new year browsing the interwebs and I saw my website mentioned randomly on a website, specifically about my logs! That’s super cool! And I’ve received e-mails from readers with questions, feedback and just nice things to say! It means a lot that people find the stuff I write about interesting.

During this month I’ve written 7 posts, looking good for reaching the 100 days to offload challange.

# 💪 Health

I’ve been running frequently again, ran another “competetive” half-marathon. Looking forward to keeping this up!

# 🌳 Life

My focus-level has been excellent this month, been using my paper notes a lot and it feels like I’ve been getting a lot done - it feels great!

# 🌐 Website

I cleaned up my logs a bit, I added Deno-scripts to parse my logs. I made my own tiny CLI for updating my logs, where for example when I’m updating what I’ve watched the CLI will automatically retrieve metadata about the movie or show.

Also added a proper sitemap to my website and restructured some pages and sections.

# 📚 Reading

I bought “Kang the Conqueror” when I was in Northern Ireland before Christmas and finally got around to read it. It was a good comicbook which made me more excited for the new Ant-Man movie coming in Februrary.

Also bought new book, an ebook, “Ansible for DevOps” by Jeff Geerling, hoping to up my Ansible game. I started to use Ansible a while back, but I never did anything other than the bare minimum. I want to create more playbooks for my personal infrastructure so that I can version control everything. Unfortunatly the book isn’t suited for people with arm-based architecture, yet. So I haven’t been able to play around with it as much as I wanted. Hopefully soon though!

# 🎬 Entertainment

# Movies

  • Marriage Story: OK film about an American couple going through a divorce. Very American IMO.
  • I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore: OK film to watch, nothing speical.
  • Colleteral: A rewatch, it’s been ages since my first viewing and I’m not sure the movie has aged that well - it felt too slow for me.

# TV

  • Letterkenny: Currently watching this, it’s funny, but I’m not going to bingewatch this one.
  • The Last of Us: It’s been really great, very impressed with the first three episodes even though I’ve played both games.
  • The Legend of Vox Machina: A friend of mine recommended this and I’m impressed, short and entertaining episodes! Watched season 1 and half-way through season 2.

# 🎮 Gaming

I did something strange, I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 again on PC. I moved my gaming PC to the living room and hooked it up to the TV and connected a wireless controller. And now I’m 10-12 hours deep into the story again! And it works perfectly fine on the Steam Deck.

And another strange thing happend! I bought a Rougelike-game called Dome Keeper. I’ve only played it on my Steam Deck, and it works surprisingly well! It’s a great small game to kill time with.

# 👨‍💻 Development

I’ve been trying out Helix this last few weeks, and it’s so nice! It’s super fast, minimum config and the learning curve hasn’t been that steep.

Also updated a bunch of my Deno modules, I found out that I can use them in my scripts for this very website so I made them more module like. You can check out all of them here:

  • d-yr: Access weather API, also has a CLI-tool.
  • deno-omdb: Access OMDb movie and TV show database, also has a CLI-tool.
  • deno-books: Access OpenLibrary’s API, also has a CLI-tool.
  • wcarbon: Check your websites carbon emissions via the CLI.

Also been phasing out my Pinboard-account since my subscription is ending soon, so I’ve been self-hosting Linkding for the last few weeks and I have no complaints.