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July 2023

2 minutes read

July has been a milestone month for me – my SO and I finally moved into our new house and I've spent my vacation moving in and getting all the basics up and running! It hasn't been stressfull at all, but it has taken up a lot of my time and energy. Tomorrow I'm heading back to work after three weeks off.

💪 Health

After the first week at the house I bought a gym-membership at the local gym and have been going three times a week including running three times a week – so this month I'm super happy with my commitment to staying healthy! I've also started to focus more on my breathing both while running and lifting weights, and it seems like it's paying off – my watch tells me my VO2 levels are rising.

Looking forward to see the progressing next month!


The week before we moved in to our new house I spent a lot of my energy working on Hima. It has made it easy for us to see how much stuff we have and how much stuff we had to get after we moved in with all of our stuff. I plan on writing a dedicated post about Hima when it has more features and the documentation is up to date on how to get started.

Also, I contributed a tiny PR to the Deno Fresh repo with some simple accessibility fixes and tweaks.

📚 Reading

  • Skriv godt, bli forstått – Great read!
  • Frontiersman - New comic book I started to read. I read the two first issues so far and I'm liking it!

🎬 Entertainment


  • Oppenheimer - Great movie! Lots of fantastic effects and the audio design with the visual effects was superb!
  • Tommy Boy - Old classic that I have somehow never seen before. It was a fun watch.
  • Barbie - Had to see this because of the hype. It was a good movie, I liked how self-aware the movie was.


  • The Bear S2
  • Secret Invasion S1 - The MCU is very hit or miss these days. I could have managed without seen this
  • Barry S1, S2 & S3 - Wow! What a show – I saw some of S1 earlier this year, but I hadn't been able to finish it before this summer. A funny and interesting story, looking forward to see what S4 brings!

🌳 Life

There are some exciting stuff happening in August that I haven't writting about yet. I'm not sure if I will write dedicated posts for them or keep it short and have them in a recently-post – we'll see.