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June 2023

3 minutes read

June was a productive month, I managed to write a bunch of different posts and I've done some different stuff. Let's dive in!

✍️ Blogging

I managed to write not one, but five blog posts in June! I'm impressed with myself.

I started the habit of creating new Markdown-files for all the different ideas I have, so now I have a small backlog with some posts I want to get to this summer.

And I'm still getting emails from readers find my posts inspiring. It makes me really happy! I blog mostly for myself and to help myself remember and empty the brain cache, but knowing others find my stuff helpful and even inspiring is on another level - thank you!

💪 Health

Same as last month, on and off with running. I'm optimistic for the rest of the summer for more running! Gotta get in there for the remaining three half-marathons I have left this year!


I removed my timeline-page. I wasn't to fond of the design of it and it didn't bring me any joy. It redirects to the logs for the time being.

Tried out Caddy as an alternative to nginx. A co-worker of mine recommended it, Nils. It easier to setup than nginx-configs and I don't have to think about certificates anymore. I might migrate my whole homelab and VPS-setup over to it.

And I started working on another new Deno Fresh-project, Filmpolitiet API, which is basically a scraper project that gets data from NRK's Filmpolitiet and formats it into a queryable way. The goal with the project is to automate webscraping of a website to build an API and I think I have achieved that now. Now I need to document how to access the API properly. I'm storing the data in a PocketBase-database. If you want to contribute or just check out the source code – it's available on SourceHut.

📚 Reading

I started reading a new book, How the World Really Works by Vaclav Smil. It's an interesting read and I like the author's approach to explain everything!

🎬 Entertainment

Watched a bit this month, two movies and a two shows.


  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – This can easliy be one of my favorite animated movies. It was so much fun! And visuals are stunning!
  • Extraction 2 – This was a super "meh"-movie...


  • Silo S1 – What a trip! I'm getting Fallout-vibes and some strange conspiracy-vibes from the whole thing. Super excited for whats to come!
  • Black Mirror S6: Jaun is Awful – OK episode.
  • Black Mirror S6: Loch Henry – Cool story, and I like how they brought in the "black mirror" aspect. People are weird.
  • Black Mirror S6: Beyond the Sea – We can't go to other space now. This was a fucked up episode, in a good way.
  • Black Mirror S6: Demon 79 – OK, never understood the "black mirror" aspect of this one.

And I started watching Secret Invasion S1. Not sure what I'm thinking yet, only seen two episodes so far, but I think I like the story so far.