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March 2023

2 minutes read

🌳 Life

Our apartment is listed for sale! Looking forward to getting something bigger when we sell, in the meantime we're living with the in-laws. Was a bit hectic moving all of our stuff out in such a short time, in retrospect I would've planned better.

Right now I've had some time off work because of a official Norwegian holiday during easter. Been enjoying this time off and only doing leisure stuff!

✍️ Blogging

It's been another quiet month, also more than a week late with this post 😅 I have a few posts in the backlog, I'm hopeful!

💪 Health

Been running a bit more, not as frequent as January but a bit more than February. Also ran another "competetive" half-marathon, the last one before the summer.

During easter now I managed to try out some more bouldering, tried Padel for the first time and went trail running. It's fun to try new things!


During the weekends and easter I've managed to put together a small web application made in Deno Fresh (with PocketBase) for Home Inventory Management. It's called Hima, which means "home" in a Norwegian dialect and could be used as a acronym for "Home Inventory Management Application".

Screenshot of Hima
What Hima looks like as of today.

It's open source and the source code is available on Sourcehut. It's been really fun learning Deno Fresh and doing more custom server-side stuff.

Some cool features:

  • Built-in authentication via PocketBase.
  • Works without client-side JS.
  • Super fast!
  • Works great on both mobile and desktop.

I have a roadmap for a v1.0.0 release and you can find that on my Sourcehut TODOs. Not sure if all the todos are laid out yet, but it's a start and I'm just doing it for fun (and because I think it's useful). I'm planning on setting up a Demo-page where people can try out the application and see how it works.

🎬 Entertainment


  • Aftersun - A very quiet movie about a father and daughter. The movie itself could be looked at as a bit boring, but the story it told was interesting.
  • John Wick: Chapter 4 - Action, action and more action. Keanu is doing what he does best. There were a few super cool action moments and the bird-eye-view one-shot scene was really cool!


Finished The Last of Us S01, a great show! I really liked that they made it as close to the original game as possible. Had such a great time watching it!