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2023 Year in review

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Last year I wrote that 2022 was the year I felt I blogged properly, and this year I want to say that I'm still going strong!

In 2023 I have written 44 posts, that is 19 more posts than 2022 – and 30 more than 2021! I tried to do the 100 days to offload challange, I didn't make it, but that's OK. And next year I'm not going to continue, but that doesn't mean I won't write less – I won't tag my posts with 100 days to offload anymore.

Looking back

I started the year with 5 blogposts just in January alone. I've written more about JavaScript-related stuff and Deno. I've kept up with my recently-series, where I summarizes what I've done each month.


2023 was the year I took the leap professionally and used Deno for a couple of projects at work. And it worked out great! A lot less hassle to set up a TypeScript environment, no thinking about runtime versions etc. I also updated my CLI-tools built in Deno, and I'm still maintaining them today. It has really been a breeze!


I started working on a long-term project, called Hima, short for Home Inventory Management Application. (Hima also means home in my Norwegian dialect). The TL;DR is that Hima is a CRUD application for managing your home inventory when it comes to valuables (not consumables). It's made with Deno's Fresh.

Filmpolitiet API

A second project, smaller than Hima, is an API for NRK P3's Filmpolitiet. Source code. It basically a scraper for their RSS-feed for new movie and TV show reviews. I find their website to be a bit of a mess when I want to find something quick to watch. You can either use the website as a search engine, at, or access the API via something like cURL:

curl -X GET "" \
-d "filter=('movie')"`


A big surprise to me was the discovery of a new editor, Helix. After I started using Vim in 2021 I thought I wouldn't change again. But I was wrong. After trying Helix for a few weeks I kept going back to it instead of Vim. I even wrote a follow up after 6 months. And today I can say that I'm using it full-time, I have completely replaced my need for VSCodium (VSCode).

Updated website

When it comes to my website this year, I have done a lot. Running git shortlog --since "DES 31 2022", I can see that I have 621 commits.

Lets try to summaries a short changelog


I have watched 35 movies and 24 seasons of TV in 2023. Which means I've spent approximately 70 hours watching movies and 160 hours watching TV, resulting in 230 hours in total. That's a lot. It's about 2.6 % of the total hours of 2023. My favorite movie this year was The Whale (2022), and my favorite TV shows was Scavengers Reign S1 and Silo S1 (Thanks to Sigurd for the recommendation!).

There were also some video games, 7 to be precise, or maybe more – I forget to track them. This year there were a few duds which I didn't finish. But my favorite was Dredge by Black Salt Games, which I played on my Steam Deck. I also really liked the recent DLC for God of War: Ragnarok, Valhalla!

And to top of the list, I read 2 actual books and a bunch of comic books which I see now that I have totally forgot to keep track of 😅


Besides tech a bunch of different stuff happened. My SO and I bought a new house in April and moved in in July. We had a baby, and I started a new job at a startup company in Bergen, Value Tech.

After becoming a dad, priorities has shifted, but I'm still able to find time in between for hobby projects and continue working on this blog. It has been great, we and the baby are really happy ❤️.

Looking ahead

I want to keep up the writing, I see the benefit of writing regularly and the benefit of just writing down stuff. And it's so rewarding when people reach out after I written something, new and old.

Another thing I want to do, is writing more tutorials. A few people has reached out about some topics that they would like a tutorial on. And I want to write more long-form content as well. Most of my posts are short, which I think is a good thing. But I want to do more deep-dives.

Yearly themes

I haven't tried having yearly themes before, but after having read more about it from the likes of Taylor and Arne, I figured I would like to try it out in 2024.

My yearly theme will be: Year of Listening

  • Reduce unsolicited advice
  • Listen more actively
  • Don't assume
  • Ask until I understand
  • Ask for feedback

It's not a super comprehensive thing to have as my yearly theme, but it is something I want to become better at.

A secondary theme will be: Year of reaching out. I subscribe to a lot of different blogs, but I very rarely reach out and give feedback or just let people know that enjoyed their content. I want to do that more, and I'm going to!

See you next year!

Thank you for reading my blog this year, it's been really fun – and I look forward to the coming years!