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January 2024

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And here we are again, January is over. Let's have a look at what went down this month!

Posts in January:

I sold my Valve Index. No more VR for me, but I don't really have the time nor enough space to set it up each time I want to play a quick session. And now someone else can enjoy the fun!

I've been reading more blogs lately (feedroll). It's fun to get other people's perspective on stuff, in general.

πŸ’ͺ Health

Started the year sick, but I managed to get through it quickly and have been running semi-regulary!

Ran another race, half-marathon, on the 20th. It was snowy and icy, lots of fun!

One of the best parts of the track πŸ˜…

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Development

I haven't done much work on the website this month. Only a few bugfixes here and there. I do still have stuff on my todo, but nothing that requires immediate attention.

I have however managed to sneak in some time to try out Rust, not very much, but enough to say that I want to explore it more. I'm thinking about making a Hima-CLI, and maybe a new API for it. We'll see.

And I managed to move everything from my old VPS on 1984 Hosting over to a new VPS from the same service. I had done some bad stuff where I hadn't made everything reproducible with configs. So now my new VPS is only set up using Ansible, and hopefully it stays that way!

SourceHut, my sourceforge of choice, had a major outage this month, and was down for a couple of days due to a big DDoS-attack. I was impressed on how well the managed to handle the situation and how much stuff they had prepared.

🎬 Entertainment

We started the year by watching a bunch of movies. I came across a YouTube-video about the best movies of 2023, and I put all of them on my watchlist. We only have a couple left.


  • What if? S2 – The Marvel cartoon lived up to the hype. I enjoy the alternate stuff and the new characters they introduced!
  • Echo S1 – Another Marvel show! I liked this one, reminded me a bit of Daredevil, but some of the action and story was very weird. Felt a bit rushed, but it was enjoyable.
  • Reacher S2 – This was great. The story was meh, but the acting and the main characters banter is very entertaining.

We're still watching Succession S4, but now it feels like a chore πŸ˜… Hopefully we'll finish it in February so we can move on! We also started to watch The Curse S1, I don't know how to describe it...


  • BlackBerry (2023) – Great movie! I thought I knew some of the history, but I learned a lot and it was a fun way of learning the history of BlackBerry.
  • The Holdovers (2023) – We actully watched this movie from New Years Eve into New Years day. Excellent movie and performances. Touching story.
  • The Creator (2023) – Dissapointing. I had high expectaions to this because a lot of critics were praising the movie. But the only thing I really liked was the setting and the design of the robots.
  • Saltburn (2023) – WTF.
  • Office Space (1999) – Fun and relevant movie.
  • MΓ₯nelyst i FlΓ₯klypa (2018) – Great Norwegian stop-motion movie! We had a great time.
  • May December (2023) – Again, high expectations. It was fine.
  • Cocaine Bear (2023) – Fun movie, but nothing more nothing less.

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