# What is Deno?

Deno is a secure alternative to Node.js. Scratch that, Deno is a easy to understand JavaScript runtime with batteries included! You install dependencies once, globally, no package.json and TypeScript is available out of the box! It’s fast, it uses Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine which means it has the same features as a browser. And there’s so much more!

# How do I use Deno?

I use it for anything, it’s so quick to setup. I make a new folder and add a JavaScript/TypeScript-file and I can just run deno run <filename> and it just works!

Some projects I’ve used it for:

  • This very website, I have some scripts for updating my logs.
  • d-yr: Weather CLI and module.
  • deno-books: OpenLibrary CLI and module.
  • wcarbon: Website Carbon CLI for checking how heavy sites are.
  • deno-omdb: OMDb CLI and module for checking movies and TV shows.

I use these project regularly, especially d-yr - it’s a super fast way to check the current weather. And whenever I need to try something out with JavaScript I just fire up Deno’s Repl and play around with it.

# Should you try it?

If you work with Node.js and are tired of setting up linting, formatting, types etc. then you should most definitely try Deno!