I’ve been writing some scripts for this website for handling my logs and I made some tests, because tests are cool.

It might not be straight forward installing Deno on Linux, and I tried different solutions before I ended up with this. I wanted a .build.yml-file to be as small and readable as possible.

Here is what you need for your .build.yml:

image: ubuntu/lts
  - unzip
  - https://git.sr.ht/~<USERNAME>/<REPO>
  - install-deno: |
      curl -fsSL https://deno.land/x/install/install.sh | sh
  - deno-magic: |
      cd <REPO>
      deno test
      deno task build

This method uses the curl-installation method on a Ubuntu-system. If you want to have multiple tasks for running deno you need to bring DENO_INSTALL and the new PATH for each tasks using deno.