I decided to deactivate my Facebook profile this summer and I haven’t looked back. Now it’s time to delete the whole account, including Messenger.

I only deactivated my profile so that I could still be reachable through Facebook Messenger, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t need Messenger either. I’m now ready to say goodbye, for good.

# Why

Firstly, I must say that I respect everyone that still uses Facebook. I understand the value of the service, but I’ve come to terms that it’s not useful for me anymore.

When Facebook first became popular where I’m from we used it for everything; communication, event planning, keeping up to date with friends and family etc. In the beginning it was all fun and innocent, but for the last couple of years there has been the Cambridge Analytica incident (and many others1) and now just recently Facebook Inc. renaming themselves to “Meta”. It doesn’t provide me with any value anymore, it’s filled with ads and friends’ posts about stuff we really shouldn’t care about. It has become a competition for attention and time.

Facebook is not our friend, they’re a business trying to make money of our data.

For more reasons why, please checkout Ledger of Harms by the Center for Humane Technology.

# Where to reach me

I will be available through e-mail, SMS and Signal2 for all digital communication.

Reach out to me by e-mail for my phone number in order to contact me on Signal.


I’m putting my account up for deletion on the 5th of November 2021.


Signal is a privacy-first, free open-source, non-profit messaging application: signal.org