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Hello world #29

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2021 is the year.

I started my official website-creation journey 12 years ago this January, and this time I am going to keep all my posts (or at least archive them properly). I have always had a tendency to delete everything to start over.

A proper introduction is required, I believe; My name is Tim Hårek Andreassen, currently I am finishing my bachelors degree in Computer Security at the University of Bergen. I care about creating solutions that respects people, in terms of privacy, security and user experience. I have three year-old bull terrier, called Ayla - we love going for long hikes in the mountains here in Norway.

The reason behind this blog is for me to be able to share my findings and experience from both the web and real life, it can be everything from sharing useful tools, how create and do different automation tasks. I might share some life hacks I know as well (not that I am aware that I know any as of this writing 😅). Though, I am certain that I will also be sharing some of my own privacy and security tips, as this is something I find very interesting and important.

If you ever have any questions about the blog, or to me personally, please to not hesitate to get in touch!

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