For the first time in many years I didn’t pay any attention to Black Friday (or Black Week) sales. I didn’t want anything, I didn’t need anything, I felt like I have everything - or I mean, I feel like I have everything that I need.

Recent years I’ve been waiting for Black Friday sales and bought stuff that I don’t really need. Two years ago a wireless gaming-headset was on sale and I bought it because it was on sale and it had good reviews, although my current headset was fine. Not all years has been the same, 6-7 years ago I bought a 65“ Sony TV and I still have that thing today - and I use it almost every single day (not for linear TV). I will continue to use that thing until it breaks, it was a great purchase and I don’t regret it.

And here comes this year, where I didn’t want anything. I thought about more home automation stuff, but then I thought against it because everything we have in our home today works perfectly fine. I feel like I’ve fine-tuned my habits and needs for buying just for the sake of buying. Of course there are the occasional impulse purchase, like my 3D-printer, but man have I used that thing a lot!

I’m grateful that I didn’t buy anything this year and that I’ve gotten a better relationship with buying stuff over the years. Looking forward to more years with a more thoughtful approach to buying stuff.