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Kaizen #0

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Kaizen, Japanese for improvement, is a term I first heard about from The Changelog podcast. In their unoffical Kaizen-series, they talk about what changes they have made to their stack, infrastructure etc. TL;DR it's about continuous improvement.

And I'm stealing their concept! Or maybe borrowing, who knows?!

I'm turing the concept into a new blogseries, #kaizen. It will be the home of all my blogpost that are about, and my stack, homelab and infrastructure in general.

There won't be any frequency to how often there'll be a new Kaizen-post, they will be posted as thing happen. Hopefully I will complete my TODOs now!

Starting things of: I will be doing CalVer for going forward, making it easier to snapshot changes. It will only be for YYYY.MM, there won't be any patches.

To end with a tease, I recently (last week) got a Zimaboard which I haven't fully tested yet. And I might try to move more of my homelab over to it.

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