Migadu is an e-mail service provider that provide its service for a flat price. It’s built upon open source technologies and market themselves as a service that has no interest in looking at your e-mail. No advertising, no tracking - no bullshit.

I’ve been using Migadu exclusively for about 8 months as of writing and it’s been a very pleasant experience. I use it for all my personal e-mail communications for all my domains and I even had friByte (student organization I’m involved in) switch from self-hosting their e-email to start using Migadu exclusively.

# Pros

There are a lot of positive things to say about Migadu so I will try my best to list them as good as I can.

# Privacy-first

As mentioned in the introduction they are using open source technologies and are providing a privacy-first experience, you own your own emails. The service is built upon standard protocols like IMAP, POP and SMTP which means you can take out your e-mail whenever you feel like. It makes it very easy to switch providers if that’s needed.

# Superb support

In the 8 months I’ve been using Migadu I contacted them four times, and they fully answered and/or fulfilled my request each time. I even asked them to split one domain from one of my aliases in my primary mailbox, and they managed to do so within a few hours.

They are quick to reply and very nice people!

# Fantastic setup-process

Setting up domains is very straight forward, there are excellent instructions that they provide along the way to help even non-techy people. You can even use their nameservers to make it even more convenient (but I haven’t tried it).

It’s intuitive to setup multiple domains, aliases, mailboxes etc. They provide you with a good explanations for their recommended DNS configuration and gives you the option to test it when you’ve finished setting it up. You can run DNS-diagnostics to see if you messed up somewhere in the process.

# Unlimited mailboxes

This was one of the big reasons why I switched from ProtonMail (read about it here). I don’t really use that many mailboxes, but I use ~5, it varies. And the setup for this is also very straight forward. I have my primary mailbox setup with 1 primary domain and 3 alias domains and have catch-all setup for all of the domains. This makes it very convenient when I sign-up for new services or need to provide someone or something with an e-mail address. I can make up something random on the spot instead of having to give away my personal e-mail each time.

# Cons

I actually don’t have anything bad to say about Migadu.

# Conclusion

Do I recommend Migadu? Oh yes I do! It’s been a very pleasent 8 months and I’m really looking forward to continue using them and recommending them!

Also really looking forward to their new CalDav-thingy that they’ve told me has an ETA in January. Hopefully that can help me get away from using iCloud for my personal calendar - who knows!