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Owning my own logs

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I've always been very fond of movies and TV shows, I really like to watch good entertainment. However, I've never been any good at keeping any logs of what I've watched and if I enjoyed what I watched, except what I log something in my bullet journal (and keep forgetting about). One of the reasons behind not keeping a digital log was because of the hassle to maintain the list and the idea of probably not owning the log myself. Many moons ago I tried, and I remember that I spent hours trying to add as many movies and TV shows as I possibly could, and then forgetting about its existence.

A couple of months ago I came of Tom MacWright's blog, and I was very intrigued by how the website worked. While lurking around I found an interesting blogpost about owning your own reading log. I was then inspired to create something similar for myself, not only for books but also for movies and TV shows.

My solution

I believe I've solved it in a different manner than what Tom did, but I think it suits me better in terms of searchability and categorizations. Since I use Zola as my SSG, I can create and maintain multiple taxonomies for all my movies and TV shows.

For example, I can see all the movies and TV shows that's in the genre Action or movies with the director Jon Watts.

It's really cool! The only downside, in my honest opinion, is that I have to create new Markdown-files for all the entires in order to have taxonomies. I would much more prefer having everything live in a JSON-file or something similar, but I do have an easy way to add a review to an entry.

Here you can check out my watched- and reading-logs.