Do you regret leaving Facebook?

No, not really.

It’s been a month since I left Facebook, for good, and I feel relieved. For the last couple of years I hadn’t spent much time on Facebook, mostly because I didn’t enjoy it nor did I agree in the way they treat their users data and privacy. So for the last month by being officially done with Facebook it feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

My transition hasn’t been very noticeable in terms of my everyday. I’ve slowly asked my friends and family to join me on Signal over the last couple of years, so I really haven’t noticed that I’ve missed out on anything. Whenever there has been any events happening my friends have been kind enough to let me know via other means than social media, so I’ve still managed to be social 😎

# What now?

I will continue to use my Mastodon account,, for the foreseeable future. And I will continue to advocate for privacy and ask friends and family to use services like Signal, Matrix etc. for secure communications.

I’m excited for the future, to see if my personal relationships become stronger and if I reach out to friends and family anymore than before! Also to see if me being off mainstream social media will inspire anyone to start looking at other alternatives, who knows? 🤷

# UPDATE: 2021-12-11

I tried to login to my Facebook account, and to my surprise my account hadn’t been deleted.

Screenshot from Facebook after I initially deleted my account
Facebook saying my account will be deleted after the 5th of December, while the current date is December 11th.

I’ve reached out to the GDPR folks at Facebook to see if they can fix this. I’ll post a new update as soon as I hear back from them.

# UPDATE: 2021-12-18

Facebook’s GDPR folks replied, but they didn’t really read my e-mail.

They said that I had to wait 30 days after my initial request for deletion, which was exactly what I did, I actually waited longer.

I replied back again asking them yet again if they could correct this, but I haven’t heard back from them yet. It seems my account isn’t deleted, still.

# UPDATE: 2021-12-26

It looks like my account has now been deleted, finally!