This is something new that I’m going to try, a monthly recap/status or something. I want to write more and become better at it, and I think writing more frequently will help me achieve this. It will also serve as a kind of log for what I’ve been up to.

# What I’ve been up to?

Since publishing my last blogpost (paper notes) I’ve managed to do other stuff besides just sitting on the computer all day. After work most days I’ve found time for more trivial stuff like exercising, writing, reading and house chores. It’s been great!

My paper notes-project is going great, I’m writing every single day and I’m almost through my second Field Notes-book now.

# Homelab

I tidied up my homelab that was running Apache as a reverse proxy. As soon as I set it up in 2019 I regretted not using nginx as my reverse proxy, so I’ve been very hesitant to switch and convert all my local services. But I realized I’m only postponing something that I really need to do, and when I first did it I was done in less than an hour. I thought all my services needed a bunch of configurations, but turned out they didn’t.

# New design

If you visited my site before today, you might notice that the design is slightly different. I went through all my SASS-files and realized that it was all too complicated, so I decided to delete all of the partials and start over with just a single main.scss. I used some more modern and “easier” CSS rules and a few mixins to keep it more tidy. I ended up reducing my CSS with about 250 lines. It’s now easier to read and maintain, in my opinion.

# New post

This is actually my second post today! I recently discovered Charm while listening to the Changelog-podcast. And if you know me, I really like TUI/terminal-based software. So when I first tried to ssh to their Git-server I was blown away, so I had to setup something like this for myself! So I setup as my own Git-server for all my Git-stuff, it will work as a local/self-hosted mirror of my GitHub-repos.

I wrote about how to setup soft-serve as a service with systemd:

How to setup soft-serve as a systemd-service

# New project - (Svelte)

A colleague of mine was talking about how impressed they were with Svelte, about how nice it was without a virtual DOM and having a true reactive state management. So I had to give it a try, and with most of my more “advanced” testing out this technology-projects, I tried to make a weather app using Meteorologisk institutt’s API.

It’s still a work in progress™️, but here it is:

# First public talk/presentation

A colleague and I was asked if we wanted to talk at the University of Bergen about UX design and what it’s like working as consultant in a course (INFO263).

Both my colleague and I were fresh out of the same University last year, and we had also taken the course in question (I even got my job because of it). Our presentation was outlined like this:

  • What tools do we use
  • Case: Ambita tinglysing (property deed/title/register)
    • Getting insight
    • User testing
    • Development method (scrum)
  • From idea to finished product
  • What is it like to be a consultant?
  • What is it like to work at Netlife?
  • From being a student to working full time

# Failing

At work we are trying to make a safe space around talking about failing, and sharing experiences where we’ve failed (trying to find the right word, looking through my Norwegian-English dictionary I can’t find the translation). And that is something I want to become better at, writing and talking about failing, either it’s a whole project or just trying to solve a simple problem. I believe documenting it could help yourself and others to not fall in the same pitfalls.

# What’s next?

Not sure if I should set goals for what I want to do for June, but I guess it couldn’t hurt.

  • Read at least 1 new book.
  • Write at least 1 new post.
  • Push all my existing repos to