If you are looking for a tablet to write notes, read and consume books, articles etc., I highly recommend checking out the reMarkable 2. Solid writing experience, solid UI and amazing battery life.

# Actual review

I have been using an iPad Pro (2018) with Notability for about one and a half year. I have always enjoyed using it, to an extent.. It was like an obivious choice to go the Apple route when it comes to choosing a tablet, since I already have a MacBook Pro, iPhone etc. But this past few weeks, with my new reMarkable 2, has been an eye-opener and a gamechanger.

It peaked my interest when I was learned that it is created in Norway, but I was mostly sold when I learned that it is running Linux. A tablet I can ssh onto, attach as a storage device via SFTP (with Mountain Duck), and do all sorts of stuff via the Terminal. Also, it nice that you can write on it.

I have been using it every day since I got it, I make my todos, read lecture notes, long articles and eBooks on it.

The battery life on this thin device is amazing, do not get me wrong, my iPad Pro also had great battery life, but when I do not have to think about it for two weeks straight… then it is simply amazing.

The writing experience is on par with my ability to write on actual paper, especially in comparison to the iPad Pro. When I have closed the actions menu, I can truly forget that I am writing on an eInk-display. With this, I actually want to write by hand. However, I have found out my “ePen” of choice, is the same as the real world equivilent, the fineliner. The other alternatives are not for me, except the highlighter whenever I need it. I have only tried the Marker Plus, so do keep that in mind.

The UI is very nice, it is clear what everything does. It is minimal, which is excatly the way I prefer it.

The fact that this does not run third-party software by default, has made me more productive, I think. I am not bombarded with notifications and other distractions. It is very limited, and I believe that is what makes this so good.

I have never thought abut that reading a book can be cumbersome. But when I tried to read Ready Player Two (which I also have in a paperback-format) on the tablet, I was very surprised. No more holding the paper back, because the tension gets high because there are so many pages. From now on, I might have to only buy eBooks. It is so comfortable to read on.

Even the OCR is impressive. I have been using it to write some longer emails, with very few errors, both in English and Norwegian.

As I am not really a reviewer, I will not go into more detail, as I am also currently still learning more about the device. Hopefully within a months time, I can post a follow-up post, to let you know if my thoughts has changed.

If you have any questions about the tablet, or just in general, you can find my contact details here.

You can learn more about the tablet here: remarkable.com/store/remarkable-2