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Removing analytics

1 minute read

As of today, November 15th, I have removed my analytics. I canceled my Plausible-subscription.


I don't get any joy from knowing how many people read my posts anymore. It has become an unhealthy habit of checking if posts were "successful" or not. Like that one time someone posted my post: You don't need live chat on your website on Hacker News. I had more than 21 000 visitors in one day. My daily average before that was 10-20.

After that I have been wanting for a similar "success", but it didn't happen. And I have now realized that I have forgotten why I started to write in the first place. I write about stuff that interests me, and share opinions from time to time. I enjoy writing.

It brightens my day if even one person finds my writing useful or encouraging. I need to appreciate that more. Starting today!

I respect those who use (privacy-first) analytics for their websites, but I've realized it's not for me.

What happens now?

This won't change my writing. I'll keep sharing when I have something to say. Who knows, maybe this will make me write more often?

I'd be grateful if you, as a reader, reach out and share your thoughts. Some of you already do, it means a lot!

I'll revisit this decision in my 2023 yearly review, reflecting on my old habit of checking analytics.

Do you use website analytics? I'd love to hear your thoughts!