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How to setup soft-serve as a systemd-service

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What is soft-serve?

From Charm's own git-repo:

A tasty, self-hostable Git server for the command line🍦"Tutorial", "Git", "Software", "Server". (source)

In other words, it's a text-only based way of viewing your git-repos either locally or remotely. You could think of it as your own GitHub, but in the terminal. It's configurable using a single yaml-file.


  1. A UNIX-like system to install soft-serve on.
  2. (optional) A way of reaching your remote server.

How to

1. Install soft-serve

Depending on your system, checkout their latest instructions on how to do so on your own system (or remote server).

2. Create a service

On your machine (or server):

  1. Navigate to your systemd-directory: cd /etc/systemd/system
  2. Create a new file: nano softserved.service
  3. Use this as a template or paste it (remember to verify that you understand what this does):
Description=soft-serve service # Write whatever you'd like # When the network-part of your machine is online and ready

User=soft # Will get to this in step 3
WorkingDirectory=/home/soft # Can be anywhere (requires $User's access)
ExecStart=/usr/bin/soft # Depends on the system, check yours with `which soft`


3. Create a user

Run sudo useradd -m soft

4. Enable service

  1. Run sudo systemctl enable softserved.service
  2. Run sudo systemctl start softserved.service

5. Access soft-serve

Depending on where you setup your service, you can now access it by running:

ssh <hostname> -p 23231

(If it's a remote machine you might need to open up the port 23231)

6. Follow the official instructions

For the rest of the setup of soft-serve I recommend going through their official instructions in order to configure it correctly. Repo-link.

Update 2023-01-15

As of 2023-01-15 I'm no longer hosting a soft-serve server.