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Tim Hårek Andreassen

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I'm Tim Hårek Andreassen, a technologist from the west-coast of Norway that likes to write about my learnings, design, programming, logging, note-taking and so on… I care about creating solutions that respects people's privacy, security and user experience. I have a bachelors degree in informatics, specifically Computer Security. Presently I'm working as a software engineer at Value Technology, and I'm also an IT manager for an offshore-service company, Vest Kontakt.


  • Software engineer & partner

    Value Technology
    - present
    • Full-stack Node- and Deno-applications.
    • Managing and automating infrastructure running in Google Cloud Platform.
    • Maintaining and designing full-stack applications.
    • Integrate with different ERP- and accounting-solutions.
    • Normalize data with Raw technologies.
    • Develop and maintain Value 360 using modern technologies and practices.
  • Technologist

    Netlife Bergen
    • Tech lead in multiple projects.
    • Held internal workshops.
    • Held presentations about technology and UX at the University of Bergen.
    • Full-stack development with Craft CMS, Sanity CMS, Next.js, Vue.js and Deno.
    • Mentored new developers.
  • IT Manager

    Vest Kontakt
    - present
    • Digitalized manual processes, eg. CRM, accouting software, etc.
    • Provided IT support for employees, remote and on-site.
    • Re-designed website, using modern technologies and deployment.
    • Automated parts of the annual inventory routine.
  • Full-stack developer

    • Worked for Netlife Bergen.
    • Development on KHdele's website.
    • Development on One Ocean Expedtion's website.
  • Developer (Summer intern)

    • Pilot project Sildikon Valley 2019, in Haugesund.
    • Developed a cross-platform AR-app for a local real-estate company.


  • Member

    - present
    • Maintenance and operation of IT systems for student organizations in Bergen.
    • Set up of different services for automatic deployment of other services.
    • Configuring a easy to maintain script for checking server availability.
    • Set up Mattermost, moderating channels and maintaining channel workflows.
    • Initiate Ansible-workflow for maintaining servers.
  • Leader

    • Administrative tasks, convene meetings etc.
    • Re-designed the current website website.
    • Restructured some of the server-infrastructure.
    • Simplified how the organization operates and responds to inquires.
  • -

    Contributed on the development on their new website.


  • Bachelor in Computer Security

    University of Bergen

    Computer Science with a security focus.


  • Programming langauges

    C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python

  • Libraries and frameworks

    Deno, Express.js, Fresh, Jekyll, jQuery, Next.js, Node.js, Oak, React.js, Tailwind, Vue.js, Zod, Zola

  • Tools

    Ansible, Docker, Git, Helix, UNIX, Vim

  • Cloud infrastructure

    AWS Amplify, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

  • CI/CD, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, SourceHut builds

  • Platforms

    Craft CMS, HubSpot CMS, Joomla, Sanity, WordPress

  • Design tools

    Adobe CC, Affinity Designer, Figma, Sketch