A collection of my favorite feeds that I read and listen to.

Arne Bahlo

A software engineer that writes about technology. Also has a newsletter with lots of cool links.

Bjørn Stærk

A fellow Norwegian technologist that's also a book author, he some times does deep dives into the rabbit-hole of technology.

Brian Lovin

A designer that writes about web development, technology and gives design critiques to those who want it.


News and podcasts for developers.

Christian Engelsen

A friend of mine that writes about technology, devops, machine learning and other shenanigans regarding technology.

Erik Johannes

Well written tech-person that writes about everything from plaintext to machine learning to reviewing running shoes.

Jim Nielsen

Frequent writer, writes about web technologies, everything from very specific CSS-properties to whole web-frameworks.

Luke Harris

Posts about technology, webdev, web design and more.

Mathias Haugsbø

A friend of mine that writes about technology, finance, mapping and button UX.

Nils Norman Haukås

A colleague of mine that writes about web development, ethics and much more.


A Norwegian blog about privacy, by a government-department, very interesting takes on social media and their responsibilities.


Software and hardware around self-hosting.

Tom MacWright

Writes about geo-specific stuff, cool gadgets and other cool tidbits.

WAN Show

Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.