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(3 posts)

  • What's the difference, and why I care.

  • Today Vipps doesn't allow usernames for individuals, and that could be concerning for some people.

  • Not having someone else own your logs is very nice, especially when you can organize them with "magic".


(6 posts)

  • My thoughts on Migadu after using it for 8 months.

  • Do I regret leaving Facebook? What happens now?

  • Finally saying goodbye to Facebook, for good.

  • Why I decided against continuing using ProtonMail and migrate over to Migadu. Not a direct comparison nor a review of the services.

  • Launching a project I worked on my last semester, spring 2021, at the University of Bergen, helping educate everyday people about privacy and security.

  • How I used LinkedIn in the past, my interactions and why I deleted my account i 2020.