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Inspired by what other people uses from Uses This, I like to read about what tools others use to get through their day to day.

This page contains lists of different technologies that I use, hardware, software and services.

I don't really arrange my desk to well, I only do that occasionally. Here is some snapshots of my current workspace.

My desk setup. Photo
My current desk setup.


  • MacBook Pro 14" M2 16GB. Powerful, and excellent battery.
  • iPhone 13 Mini. Great form-factor.
  • Apple Watch Ultra. Overkill watch for everyday exercise.
  • ZSA Moonlander Mark I. Ergonomic split keyboard.
My MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch. Photo
My MacBook, iPhone and Apple Watch. (Yes, I watch Kurzgesagt)


  • Custom built computer. Mostly used for gaming.
  • Steam Deck. On-the-go gaming.
  • Valve Index. VR, not much used anymore.
  • Intel NUC. My homelab hub.
  • Home Assistant (RPi 4B). Home automation without the need for multiple IoT bridges.
  • Pi-hole (RPi 4B). Block ads on the network.
  • Decommissioned ThinkCentre. Hosts my Nextcloud instance.
  • Original Prusa MK4. 3D-printer.
Server-cabinet and 3D-printer setup with filaments. Photo
3D-printer setup with filaments.


For a more frequently updated overview you can checkout my dotfiles.

This is software that I use on my devices.