Technology that I use

Last updated: 2021-08-14

This page contains lists of different technologies that I use, hardware, software and services.


Desktop computer

Custom built desktop PC:


M1 MacBook Pro 13“:

Home lab


Everything that is accessable via the internet is passed through an Intel NUC:

Self-hosted cloud storage

From one of my previous jobs I managed to get a hold of three decommissioned fully working Lenovo ThinkCenter’s. I use two of these for my personal cloud storage.


I use a Raspberry Pi 4 model B for my network-wide Pi-Hole, it’s simply amazing.


I use a lot of different software, I’ll try to list the ones I use daily, but you can look at my dotfiles for my up to date list (on my work machine).

Computer software

Mobile software

I don’t use my phone (iPhone 12 Mini) that much, but these are my most frequently used apps:


I use a few services on a regular basis: